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Free Health and Wellbeing Service!

If you would like support to get active, improve your eating habits or live a healthier lifestyle, then our team of Healthy Lifestyle Advisors can help! 

Our team of Healthy Lifestyle Advisors offer:

  • Personalised support and follow ups - Consultations - In Person, Online or Phone 
  • Community programmes – exercise classes and wellbeing topics 
  • Live online options – exercise classes, wellbeing webinars, Q & A 
  • Motivational mobile messaging & Facebook support group 
  • Flexible support through each stage of your wellbeing journey 
  • Maternal Programme - Pre and Post Natal

Online Options: 

- Live Streaming Exercise Classes (4 classes per week)

- Recorded Wellbeing Webinars & Workouts 

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*Green Prescription is not a free gym membership. 

Our participants are feeling the difference!  

  • "Since you last sent a text and our call two weeks ago, you got me off the couch (I have been walking 5-6 days a week and loving it. Thanks for your gentle shove. Really helped and my last walk was 6km with plenty of hills. Thanks heaps. All down to you!”
  • “I’ve lost 4.5kg since starting Grx, and remembering that working out helps with stress
  • “I’ve been doing well, doing online workouts and have added a lot more vegetables to my meals. Have been checking labels on things when I buy them..”
  • “I got gestational diabetes during pregnancy but since my delivery I have lost 21kgs  and my suagr is under control now. We are making the changes together as a family”
  • “Thanks... I'm still enjoying those exercises you passed on to me and am seeing benefits in my strength and balance”
  • "My husband and my 17 yo son has joined me in walking and my husband lost 7kgs!"
  • "I have found the zoom meetings useful and surprisingly enjoyable. Just getting different muscles working is freeing me up and taking away my pain… I feel I am making some progress again and long may it continue.”
  • “Me and my wife attend these sessions every week. She has limited mobility and these classes are the only exercise she is able to do so thank you GRX team”
  • “I am very happy that my GP recommended Green Prescription. It has kept me active and energised!”

In South Auckland we deliver the Green Prescription service alongside South Seas Healthcare.

Ph: (09) 623-7924
Relationships and Active Families Lead

Ph: (09) 623-7956


Referring to Green Prescription

​​​​​​​PRIMARY CARE ​​​​​​​​​​​​
eReferrals can be sent to Green Prescription through CareSelect (via HealthLink forms) or Care Connect. 

eReferrals can be sent to Green Prescription through Concerto (Regional Clinical Portal). 

Referrals are accepted from all Health Professionals, Health Coaches and Health Improvement Practitioner (HIPs).