​​​​​​​Coach Development 

Coaching is a great way to express passion for sport and enrich the lives of New Zealanders. It's exciting, satisfying, and helps keep people actively involved in developing others. Sport Auckland works alongside Aktive, Harbour Sport, Sport Waitakere, and CLM Community Sport to support the delivery of coach development opportunities in clubs, schools, and regional organisations. Whether you are coaching beginners, supporting coaches, leading a group, or even giving your playing partners some tips, our programmes have something for you.​​​​​​​

Our coaching journey begins with Coach Emerge and develops into Coach Evolve. We also have Coach Developer Training (CDT) to support those who look after coaches within their community.

Youth Sport Advisor

M: 021 089 77120

Good Sports®

Developed by Aktive, Good Sports® is all about creating positive sporting experiences for children and young people. It does this by supporting and educating parents, caregivers, coaches, teachers, and sport leaders, who all contribute to children’s sport.

We are looking to work with schools, clubs and community groups to help provide postive messaging and support to parents about sideline behaviour and how best to support our young players, coaches, and officials to ensure the best experiences.

Coach Emerge

Are you ready to inspire, connect and empower others and create positive sporting experiences? Whether you’re just starting out coaching at school, at your club or within the community, Coach Emerge can help you learn about the coaching process, experience fun sport activities, and learn new techniques that will provide you with the foundation to run your own coaching sessions. Ask questions, make contacts, listen, learn, and share your own thoughts as you begin your journey as a coach. 

Schools​​​​​​​: Sport Auckland works closely with coach developers from National and Regional Sport Organisations to provide upskilling for students who lead sport and recreation within secondary, intermediate, and primary schools.

Some in-school support takes place throughout the region, so student coaches can participate at their own school. We can collaborate with your school to ensure the programme is tailored to meet your needs.

Clubs / Community Groups: We work closely with coach developers from National and Regional Sport Organisations to provide upskilling for coaches who lead sport and recreation within clubs/community groups.

Some in-club support takes place throughout the region, so community coaches can participate at their own club. Sport Auckland can collaborate with your club to ensure the programme is tailored to meet your needs.

If you are interested in running a Coach Emerge in your club, community, or school feel free to contact us.

​​​​​​​Coach Evolve

Coach Evolve is a generic cross-code coach development programme available to those working in clubs, schools, and the community. This program targets those who are already coaches and want more support and knowledge in their coaching journey.

Through a series of unique interactive workshops and forums you will explore the latest in coaching, learning, and stages of development and motivation to help enhance your coaching practice. This program has a large focus on building networks and communities of practice to support ongoing coach development after the course is over.

​​​​​​​To be part of Coach Evolve you need to be endorsed by a Regional Sports Organisation and/or Regional Sports Trust. Keep an eye on our Workshops and Forums page for upcoming programme details. Coach Evolve is run twice a year across both winter and summer seasons and lasts for approximately 4-5 month periods.

Coach Developer Training (CDT)

Are you ready to inspire and support coaches in your community?

Coach Developers delivery coaching courses, facilitate learning and generally coach the coaches. In conjunction with Aktive we support Coach Developer courses. Delivered over two days, this training includes workshops, discussions, practical sessions, individual and group feedback, and self-reflection opportunities. Following the initial course, you will be invited to attend extension modules and networking meetings for additional learning and skill development opportunities.


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